Recursive Maze Solver

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An python algorithm that solves mazes with a recursive function!

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Recursive Maze Solver

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This is a recursive maze solver that was made (ironically) at the recurse center!

How it works

The solver works by reading in a ".png" file which contains only black or white pixels using Pillow: a Python Image Library. After reading it in, I first print out the image using ansi escape codes (thanks to Doron Rasis.)

The function then calls itself (like a recursive function should do...) and moves down, then moves right, then left, then up, determines which move works best and continues on. After each decision, the image will get printed out again, but with the path it has traveled in red.

By JonPizza

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I am THE JonPizza. Not to flex or anything but I am kinda EPIC. (just a btw)

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